Sauna rules

Rules for the correct use of the sauna

Time: to enjoy the best of the beneficial effects of the sauna, the suggested
time is at least two hours and a right psycho-physical preparation is required.
Sauna and haste do not get along.

Alimentazione: Time from the last meal should be of at least an hour.
You should not enter the sauna hungry.
Possibly eat some fruits or biscuits, not to unduly burdening your stomach.

Entrare in sauna nudi: Entering the sauna naked allows the heat to penetrate
freely into the skin and prevents sweat from accumulating on the bathing suit.
This, besides being unhygienic, may cause irritation or eczema,
due to the high temperature reached in the environment.
In the sauna you need to use a cotton cloth to be carefully spread
on the benches, ensuring that no part of your body is in contact with the wood.

Tempi della sauna: As for the timing, everyone should determine
his own time in the sauna. We recommend a pause every 10-15 minute,
then go out, cool off with a shower.

It is recommended to repeat this process two or three times.